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Switching Strategies

Well, up until now I had mapped out the first three months of this year according to how many pages I would write on what days. This wasn't really working, since some days I didn't feel like writing but I could have been doing other things toward my thesis like reading or doing more research.

So I've decided to switch approaches, and work more towards goals, where I can do whatever it is I need to do to get to that goal. As long as I work a little bit each day.

My goal for today is to read some more about Luna's performance at the 2005 Venice Biennale and contextualize that part of the chapter more. I'll let you know if I did that!

Last night on the plane I was typing up some thoughts on this process, and here's what I wrote:

By giving myself preset times when I can relax, I won't feel as guilty when I'm not working on my thesis, because those are designated times to not be thinking about it. BUT that means when during designated times FOR thinking about it, I need to focus, not procrastinate, and just PLOW THROUGH IT.

It's important for me to work intensly on my thesis so that when I move to L.A., I won't feel like I am running away from it.

On Thursdays, try going to school around 5:00 to do research and read in your carrel, working until 8:30 when you can join everyone at the bar.

On Fridays, try going to school from 10-5, working the entire time only stopping for a little lunch (45 minutes tops), so that then you can go home and relax, and then maybe go out and do something social.

Bring home material to read and work through on Friday, so Saturday you can stay home all day and work.

I understand that no matter how complete my first draft is when I turn it in, my readers will be very critical and I will have a LOT of re-working to do over the summer. That means even if I move to L.A. (though hopefully that's WHEN I move to L.A.) I need to remain focused on working intensly on it so it is in presentable shape by the time the fall semester starts, so I can submit it again.

I realize that this is stuff that only applies to me, but it really helps me to write these things "out loud."
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